Friday, July 9, 2010

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark – Sphyrna lewini

The Scalloped Hammerhead Shark is one of the 10 species of Hammerhead Sharks. The name scalloped comes from the shape of the front edge of the head. Hammerhead sharks are the most unique shark of all which their distinctive flat ‘hammer’ shaped head. Researchers have determined a few reasons for the shape and attribute this shape to an aid for hydrodynamic efficiency and increased electrical sensory skills to pick-up bottom fish such as rays. Hammerhead sharks are unfortunately still targeted throughout the world for sport fishing and commercial fishing but they are abundant in areas indicating that their existence is not endangered by man yet.

Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks have been held in aquariums but do not adapt well and normally only last a matter of months before dying. The Scalloped Hammerhead shark belongs to the large hammerhead species. They are an olive, bronze or light brown colour with a white belly. The tail fin is very long and pectoral fins are black on the tips. Scalloped Hammerhead shark’s teeth are finely serrated. The upper teeth are broader than the lower teeth and are slanted slanted toward the jaw corners to help them hold their prey.

The Scalloped Hammerhead is harmless unless threatened or cornered. They are known to be more active at night and will normally shy away from you if you are diving in their waters.

The Scalloped Hammerhead Shark is most commonly present in the coastal regions of tropical, subtropical and moderate climate zones. Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks do enter bays and estuaries but also are common around deep pinnacles. They are found in waters as deep as 275m / 902ft

The female gives birth to approximately 38 pups max and they are approximately 50cm / 20in in length and grow up to 4.2m / 13.8ft.

Source: Hammerhead Shark

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shark Diver – Isla Guadalupe

Upscale Comfort - New White Shark Diving. When it comes to West coast shark diving knowing what to look for in a vessel and crew makes all the difference. After 5 years of "hands on shark diving operations" at Isla Guadalupe Shark Diver has chosen these experienced vessels and crews to take you there and beyond.

Best of all you do not need to be dive certified to cage dive at this location, and departures are from San Diego, California. Vessels are located just minutes from the International airport for ease of travel.

Introducing the latest long range vessels to the Shark Diver fleet servicing Isla Guadalupe in 2007. The MV Islander, MV Horizon, MV Ocean Odyssey and the newest vessel, the Nautilus Explorer based in Mexico.

Isla Rocks

The vessels in the Shark Diver fleet feature a range of accommodations from private air conditioned staterooms offering individual thermostats and washbasins, plus every other diving amenity you and or your groups will need. All vessels have dedicated air system for shark cage operations, service the largest shark cages available and have full time experienced Great White crews. These guys know sharks. The vessels are excellent long range dive platforms for those seeking laid back comfort and style while diving with Great Whites.


They are primarily designed to cater to privacy seeking individual divers, selected dive groups, corporate groups world wide, professional filmmakers, and larger private parties of divers. If you're looking for comfort-attention to detail, corporate incentive, and or a unique meeting/strategy space these are the vessels for you. With the acquisition of the Nautilus Explorer into the shark diving fleet, the way adventure seekers think of shark diving has just changed again, forever.

Shark Diver has reviewed all the vessels shark cage designs. They feature unique external flotation pods allowing for more space and comfort inside the cages. Plus two unique external observation hatches for divers and film crews who are looking for another angle to film Great White Sharks. In short, one of Shark Divers most important considerations is cage design, and safety. We have ensured you'll have the best cages available to dive with; after all it's where you will be spending most of your time with us.

The shark diving crews look forward to assisting you, the professional or semi-professional, with all your underwater photographic needs. As a prime example of stunning underwater shark shots taken from Isla Guadalupe please spend some time with renound underwater photographer Phil Colla located at or admire Ethan Gordons (Editor of Fathom Magazine) work at
Light Dance

Each vessel accommodates groups of 16+ divers, all group leaders automatically come for free. We are looking forward to providing you and your groups with the holiday of a lifetime, tell the experienced shark dive crews what your needs are and Shark Diver will make it happen for you.

You will appreciate the use of surface supplied air, allowing you to be comfortable and secure during your dives. Our professional and courteous crew will make sure your adventure is a safe and rewarding experience.

Strategy planning, executive team meetings, sales offsites, incentives, and team building are just a few of the uses for the newest vessel to the Shark Diver fleet. The Shark Diver crews can assist you with all your corporate function needs. Shark Diver can produce team shirts and hats with your brand on it, film and produce corporate sales videos and make your next corporate function one that will go down in your company's history. In a world where everyone does the same thing, and companies look to Las Vegas as "a fun meeting place" let Shark Diver provide you with the ultimate tool to set you apart from the competition. Dive experience is not necessary, as always we'll work with your group to make this occasion one to remember. Why do the ordinary this year when the extraordinary is waiting for you in San Diego?
First Bite

Meals aboard the Shark Diver fleet are key to any successful dive expedition. Individual divers and group leaders will be happy to note that we take great pride in taking care of all your divers food needs. The galleys on board are fully equipped for any style of cooking providing divers with a wide range of cuisine. Chef Paul and Chef Mark can prepare anything from traditional meals to the freshest fish in the world, or meals that cater to religious observance. The crews cut no corners in efforts to present a truly memorable dining experience. Dietary restrictions are not a problem and the on board chefs look forward to accommodating your needs. Galley/salon areas are spacious with ample room for 16+ passengers at one seating. Complete with TV and VCR/DVD, and internet access, the salons are an excellent place to wind down after a day of incredible shark diving or while en route to Isla Guadalupe. All beverages-including beer and wine-are available at no extra cost.

Dive travel specialists with Cape Town Shark Diving and are the main booking office for White Shark Cage Diving in South Africa and offereing shark diver Guadalupe

We are based in Gansbaai and have successfully fulfilled the dreams of thousands of shark lovers over the last 9 years!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Guest House Accommodation in Gansbaai

The Roundhouse Guest house is our own 4* rated Guesthouse situated in De Kelders, facing and overlooking Gansbaai, approximately 2km away from thetown. Gansbaai is still an active fishing village and these waters are some of the best along the southern African coastline for commercial fishing. The harbour is full of life with its population of commercial fishing boats and hoards of visitors to the area fishing the rich waters. The town boasts a large fish factory which processes fish oil, fish flower (for cattle feed) and canned pilchards, on occasion when in full production, the factory produces a rather ripe odour but as the locals say "It's the smell of money!"

De Kelders has recently become known worldwide for its excellent land based whale watching. The town boasts a large population of Southern Right and Humpback whales along the coastline between De Kelders and Hermanus. Hermanus is known worldwide for its beauty and its whales, but as many are realising, De Kelders is quite a unique natural gem. Although for night life and entertainment, the town can't compete with Hermanus (it is a small district with only a bakery and pub), for for those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle and to enjoy the quiet and inspiring coastline it is ideal.The Deck

Our Guest house boasts the following:

  • 4* rated!
  • 4 Luxury Suites each with own living room. (Make your room your home for your stay)
  • Whale Watching Deck
  • Spectacular panoramic views of Gansbaai town, Danger point lighthouse, Walker Bay, Hermanus, Betty's Bay, Hangklip, Cape Point (on a clear day) and of course the coastline and its population of Whales. There are not many places where all can be seen from the same viewpoint.
  • Thatched Entertainment area - For Guests Only
  • DVD - Complementary Movies by request in the Bar
  • Projector and large screen for conferencing
  • Fireplace - For those cold winter evenings
  • 'Crows Nest' - Offering stunning views over Gansbaai & Walker Bay
  • TV - In Each SuiteWine
  • Wireless Internet hotspot
  • Stereo with CD - In Each Suite
  • Bath & built in Shower - In each Suite
  • 2 minute walk to the beach
  • 1 Minute walk to the local Bakery
  • 2 Minute walk to the most popular Pub & Grill in Gansbaai
  • All Suites can have a King Size Bed/Twin beds by request
  • Guests can have complete privacy if wished
  • The Roundhouse is furnished with hand made African style decor giving it a real African feel
  • Guaranteed quality for value

The Bar

The Roundhouse wants to offer you, the guests visiting Gansbaai a unique experience where you can live for your duration's stay in complete comfort and privacy in your accommodation if wished or mix with the other guests in the bar area and entertainment deck. The Interior is based on a modern African theme with carved stone statues, stone cladding and luxury finishes. We really want you to be relaxed here and have an experience to remember. Gansbaai and De Kelders is very relaxing and away from the hustle and bustle of Hermanus so once you get here you can slow down and relax.

Source: Accommodation Gansbaai
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Rodney Fox Shark Experience

Come with us and experience the world's most famous, most feared and most spectacular of sharks, the Great White. To see a Great White Shark in the wild is a very special and rare experience but to come face to face with one underwater is the most exciting experience available to divers today! This tour takes place around the scenic offshore islands of South Australia and has been described as the ultimate adventure that Australia has to offer.

The Princess II

It is only in South Australia that Rodney and Andrew Fox provide the special live aboard tours that incomparably maximize your “face to face” opportunities with Great White Sharks. Our special adventures depart from both Adelaide and Port Lincoln, and head out into the clear blue waters of the Southern Ocean. At the Neptune Islands we find an array of wildlife, including many bird species, dolphins, thousands of fur seals, and the beautiful and rare Australian Sea Lion. Here is the natural feeding ground of the Great White Shark. We can also organize tours for exclusive bookings, smaller groups and film crews.

Soon after his shark attack in 1963, Rodney organised the first ever “Great White Shark Diving Expedition”. He designed and built the original shark proof cage, to make the very first ever films of live Great White Sharks, “Great White Death” and “Attack by a Killer Shark”. This first film later inspired and helped raise the financial backing for Peter Gimbel in 1969 to use Rodney’s expertise in “Blue Water White Death”. Producing Great Whites was again required of Rodney in 1973 for the live shark sequences in Spielberg and Peter Benchley’s blockbuster, “Jaws”.

Just one year after the release of “Jaws” into the cinemas, Rodney lead the very first Cage Diving Expedition for non professional divers to experience the thrill of the Great White Shark “first hand”! Carl Roessler, with “Sea and See Dive Travel”, bought out this first group of divers from the USA in 1976. This launched the ultimate diving adventure and is still generally regarded as the pinnacle in any diver’s career. This event continues in the very same tradition and spirit today where we strive to make each and every expedition an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.

Fox Expeditions are proud to continue providing a vital research platform for field studies. Such long-term productivity by the Fox’s has contributed to the public education, imagery and resulting admiration that finally lead to the protection that Great Whites now enjoy worldwide.

The Trip

We operate out in the clear offshore waters of the Neptune Islands, which are only accessible through the use of large live-aboard boats like our expedition vessel “The Princess II”. The shortest 4-day length tour allows us the time to first get to our viewing locations and back, while also catering for the chance of sitting out any spells of poor operating conditions or slow shark activity. We then give ourselves the best chance of enjoying that extraordinary and magical day when the sharks and their environment are at their best, and we can utilize all of our special facilities, partake in all the activities to maximize the entire experience.

After each expedition many passengers comment that they would love to return with us for even longer next time. So to see everything and have the most fun we highly recommend you spending as long at this as your time and budget can allow. Chances are you will probably want to come back again anyway!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Marine Dynamics

Marine Dynamics is a Shark Cage Diving company based in Kleinbaai, a small harbour town, part of Gansbaai in the Western Cape of South Africa. This area is known as the best place in the world to see Great White Sharks in their natural habitat.

Marine Dynamics is made up of a team of shark enthusiasts who constantly strive to place shark conservation and education foremost. This is done through educating clients on a daily basis, by conducting research and by maintaining structured marine education and development projects.

We collect data on the White Sharks and their environment on a daily basis. This data is for our own research and is forwarded to the Department Marine and Coastal Management. All participants will be involved in the different aspects of this work. Currently, this work involves sexing, sizing and recording markings on white sharks, recording environmental parameters, bite marks on seals and marine birds. Some of the recordings are made directly from the shark boat while other recordings involving bite marks and behaviour on seals and birds is conducted from our whale boat which often puts to sea twice per day, thus allowing us to obtain very important data.

There is much controversy surrounding shark cage diving and the effects of this industry on the sharks and their environment, is little known, thus, the data collection is of great importance.

Shark Bait

Marine Dynamics staff will meet you in our Marine Room at the Great White House in Kleinbaai before your trip. There are bathroom facilities, as well as a restaurant and gift shop here.
Breakfast is provided at the restaurant before the boat launch. Every trip is preceded by a brief introductory talk about the route and what to look out for. Passengers are fitted with comfortable inflatable life-jackets. Safety is of the utmost importance. We have extensive public liability insurance. We usually launch around 9:00 am in the morning (note that launching times may vary due to tide and weather conditions), arriving at the anchoring spot in 20 to 25 minutes. The anchor is lowered, the cage goes into the water, a scent trial is made, and we settle down. Final preparations for the diving are made, and the rest of the day is spent watching, diving and enjoying the day. After spending time with the sharks, we make our way to Dyer Island, if possible. We do not go to the island everytime as that depends on weather and sea conditions. At Dyer Island we can approach close enough to view African penguins, Cape cormorants and many other species. We also often spot giant petrels, Cape gannets, white chinned petrels and storm petrels. Neighbouring Dyer Island is Geyser Rock, home to thousands of Cape Fur Seals. The stretch of water between the two islands is Shark Alley. We visit Shark Alley to view the seals. The colony is thriving and there is always lots of activity, especially around November time when the tiny pups are born. After about 3 to 4 hours, depending on the day, we head back to land. Should you wish to return to shore earlier, a transfer can be arranged.

Both Marine Dynamics and Dyer Island Cruises are dedicated to conservation and protection of the environment and wildlife.Wilfred Chivell, owner of Dyer Island Cruises and Marine Dynamics, is certainly the most knowledgeable person about the ecosystem and varied wildlife found onand around Dyer Island. His care and dedication for thehealth of this sensitive ecosystem has lead to the launch of differentconservation projects for the area:

Faces of Need - Artificial Penguin Nest Project' which aims? to create 2000 artificial nests on Dyer Island by 2008.

His 'Bird Rescue Initiative' has made him the prime transporter of injured and oiled marine birds from the island to shore,from where they are transported to SANCOB in Cape Town for further treatment.

The 'Marine Litter Project' aims at educating the public and local communities about the devastating effects of pollution on wildlife whilst also initiating clean ups of the coast.

He has vouched his commitment to support there search field work conducted by the White Shark Trust during 2006 in allowing the population information to be gathered from Shark Fever.

At the Marine Dynamics base, The Great White House, you will find a cosy but well stocked souvenir shop. Here you can buy anything from seasickness tablets to shark t-shirts. As an alternative we recommend that you stop at The Great White Adventure Centre. This is the first building as you enter Gansbaai. At the centre you can buy underwater disposable cameras, rent an underwater digital camera and more. This shop has a huge selection of white shark souvenirs for you to remember your day by. One souvenir that is only available from Marine Dynamics though is of course your day trip DVD. The DVD can be purchased after the trip at a cost of R350-00.

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