Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cape Town Adventure Tours | Shark Cage Diving

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, our adventure tours provide made to order adrenaline pumping activities to suite every taste. Whether you are looking for an authentic African adventure tour or just an adrenaline overdose, Extreme Scene offers a wide range of Cape Town based adventure tours including such thrills as Skydiving, Paragliding and Shark Cage Diving! Our extensive Cape Town adventure tours will take you to the very edge of nature, from going face to face with the infamous Great White while shark cage diving, to Bush dinners with only the Lions as guests! Whether you are an individual, tour group, bachelor party group or looking for the ultimate corporate incentive/team building in South Africa, let Extreme Scene give you the best adventure tour and shark cage diving experience South Africa has to offer!

One of Extreme Scene's most popular Cape Town adventure tours:

Cape Town Shark Cage Diving

Come and join us on one of South Africa’s most popular adventures where we take you to meet one of nature’s most feared predators in the Great White Shark capital of the world! The Great White Shark must be experienced and let us assist you in booking one of the most awesome experiences of a life time.

This is no aquarium!! Your shark cage diving expedition begins with a light breakfast in Gansbaai followed by a brief orientation on the day's activities ahead where you will experience one of the most exhilarating days of your life! You do not need certification for the shark cage diving at Shark Alley. You will be given a full body wetsuit, weight belt, booties and face mask, and the dive master will run through all the procedures of where to hold on inside the cage etc. If you are not up to jumping in the cage you can get a brilliant view of these spectacular predators from the upper deck of the boat. The Skipper will begin "chumming" (the technique used to attract the sharks) and you will have the opportunity to view from the deck or to participate in a shark cage dive as the sharks make their appearance. Time permitting, the boat will visit Geyser Island en route, to view the Seal Colony. All equipment will be supplied. A light lunch and snacks and drinks will be served on the boat.

Approximately 2 hours drive from Cape Town city centre

You can either drive there yourself or we can arrange transfer for you. Transfer options available:

Shuttle Bus collection and drop off

You will be collected by the Great White Shark Shuttle from your accommodation and transferred with other guests to Gansbaai. On completion of you day in Gansbaai you will be shuttled back to your accommodation.

Private vehicle collection and drop off

You will be personally collected from your accommodation and transferred by vehicle to Gansbaai. On completion of you day in Gansbaai shark diving with other guests you will be personally transferred back to your accommodation by vehicle. No waiting around for others during vehicle transfer as can often be experienced during shuttle bus transfer.

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To find out about these, and other Cape Town adventure tours visit the Extreme Scene website.

Extreme Scene

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Roundhouse B&B | Dive & Stay Package

The Roundhouse B&B is part of a total tourist experience in Gansbaai. We offer Gansbaai accommodation and bed & breakfast facilities in the undisputed best place in the world for Land Based Whale watching. This the perfect spot for a stay over when embarking on one of the famous shark cage diving excursions in the area.

Accommodation and Shark Trip from only R1700-00 per person

Our Dive and Stay Package offers you the opportunity to book your Great White Shark dive with a night stay at our 4* guesthouse all in one easy step. You can enjoy the Roundhouse the night before or after the dive to make your experience much more pleasant on the day. The mistake people make is to think that Gansbaai is an easy drive away. The drive is not difficult but when combining this with a shark dive this becomes a 4-5 hour return drive from Cape Town on the day combined with 4 hours on sea. Many people feel totally exhausted after the trip and regret not booking accommodation to break up the day. If you are here in the morning then you only have a 5 minute drive to the shark diving crew house easing much of the stress with finding your way here and also getting up at 4:30 in Cape Town.

When booking our Dive and Stay package you have 3 options to choose from: Standard, Luxury or Superior.

STANDARD DIVE & STAY = Standard room + shark trip @ R1700-00
LUXURY DIVE & STAY = Luxury room + shark trip @ R1800-00
EXECUTIVE DIVE & STAY = Executive room + shark trip @ R1900-00

For more information on the shark diving packages visit The Roundhouse website.

Why book this package with us?
We own the central booking office for the white shark cage diving and know all of the operators extremely well and will guarantee a booking with one of the industry’s top operators. We are heavily involved with the operators and work hard to ensure that our clients receive quality value for money. We are flexible in the event of bad weather and are extremely proactive with giving our clients their dream day out. We also own Sharkbookings.com which is the central booking office for the white shark cage diving on the internet and book hundreds of clients every month on most of the 8 shark diving boats in Gansbaai. We are passionate about hospitality and sharks and booking the combination of both with us will give you an all round experience second to none in Gansbaai.

In the event of bad weather we will offer you a discounted price for overnight stay and we will work hard to get you on the next available boat out to the island. Whilst you are waiting for the next sea day you can still enjoy our Jacuzzi and Gansbaai’s amazing sunsets as well as many of the local wine farms and other attractions. Whale season (July – December) will blow your mind as we have over 200 Whales in the bay and you will definitely be spending most of your time watching the Whales resting next to the rocks.

If you end up staying for a second night we will also offer you a discounted rate for the inconvenience caused by the weather.

We created this dive and stay combination package several years ago and it is still as popular as ever. With 95% of our guests at The Roundhouse being Shark Diving Clients you would say we are experts in our field.

The Roundhouse B&B