Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shark Cage Diving | South Africa | Cape Town | Gansbaai

Divers, who are safe in the cage, listen to the dive master explaining the direction from which the shark is coming. Divers submerse themselves. Literally holding their breath next to the boat in the safety of the cage and await that once in a lifetime eye to eye contact with the Great White sharks.

Passengers can also experience excellent surface viewing of the great white sharks from the boat's upper deck, getting an all-round view of the sharks, circling and descending. It is the ideal spot to capture some fantastic shark pictures or shoot video footage - the water is no more than 9 meters deep.

Great White sharks can smell the chum slick (crushed tuna/skipjack or sardines) from a considerable distance. In addition, our crew pulls decoys or bait lines closer to the cage and boat to lure the magnificent creatures even closer. The shark, being an inquisitive creature, often comes right up to the boat, bringing it's head above the sea level far enough out of the water that you can touch it. The banks of awesome razor edged teeth are but centimetres away - the huge gaping jaws revealing the true danger of the imminent encounter. The most feared predator of all the seas has arrived.

Shark Cage Diving

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